Hotel Methis

Hotel Methis

4 Stars Hotel in the heart of Padova.

Padova is a city rich in culture and charm. Elegant and understated, it encloses, within its sixteenth-century walls, an artistic and historic heritage consisting of churches, buildings and museums.
Events and exhibitions of all kinds make it a very lively and interesting city: it offers visitors original and unique attractions.

Methis Hotel and Spa was born in Padova: a new prestigious hotel a mere stroll from the city's center, immersed in the green oasis of the Specola. It is not the usual traditional hotel, it is an avant-garde structure with a taste for modern furnishing and innovative management system. The rooms are inspired by the four elements – earth, fire, water and air- from the heaviest and most material element, earth, on the first floor, to the most ethereal one, air, on the fourth floor.
The rooms offer the comfort and coziness of one's home through the play of colors and special atmospheres. Those who choose the suite room will enjoy a beautiful view from the terrace.

Methis Hotel & Spa pays great attention to the environment. In fact, it has high-efficiency enviromental technology systems, prefers eco-sustainable materials, adheres to separate collection and uses glass bottles, uses to suggest thematic walking tours and cycling tours by providing guests with bicycles and inviting guests to contribute to preserve the environment by limiting the demand for linen replacement.

Methis Hotel Padova, where the guest choses his ambient ... everytime.

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Meth Spa by Methis Hotel, is the new and exclusive relaxation area, in the heart of the city. Treat yourself to a break from everyday stress and retreat in the relaxing atmosphere of Meth Spa.



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