Proposte SPA

Mascara ad effetto extencion 3D

k2.items.cache.78a38d90a5f5af5857b8e93fa4dd5a84_Lnsp-288 Hotel Padova : Methis Hotel & SPA ****

Nuovo rivoluzionario Mascara ad effetto extension 3D: vieni a provarlo...

Promozione Primavera Estate

k2.items.cache.e67ec824afbc9f855ad850f1b49c5b05_Lnsp-288 Hotel Padova : Methis Hotel & SPA ****

Soft Sense Epilation• Gamba intera• Inguine integrale• Ascelle 35.00 € anziché...

Offerte Hotel

Speciale Estate risparmia 30%!

k2.items.cache.269b36e876e375e05083f78293992209_Genericnsp-217 Hotel Padova : Methis Hotel & SPA ****

La tariffa include: Colazione a buffet Free Wi-Fi Parcheggio privato Gym Sky TV Servizio e Iva...

Only Room

k2.items.cache.6cff81ed2fd5fd02c6bfe5986e55231b_Genericnsp-217 Hotel Padova : Methis Hotel & SPA ****

This rate includes:   Free Wi-Fi Private Parking Gym Sky TV VAT and service charge   This rate...

News ed Eventi

Padova Marathon

k2.items.cache.84ac056b57dd032fcf18a346d4a81feb_Lnsp-214 Hotel Padova : Methis Hotel & SPA ****


Il 23 aprlie ritorna la Padova Marathon - S. Antonio che  arriva alla...

Spettacoli di luce

k2.items.cache.1379b5de7cb668c186ab48a9361eabd7_Lnsp-214 Hotel Padova : Methis Hotel & SPA ****


Il Centro Culturale San Gaetano dal 18 aprile al 6...

Hotel Methis Padova

Hotel Methis

k2.items.cache.22c02097e4438bd2f2f3fe4a6a3ab0e1_Lnsp-216 Hotel Padova : Methis Hotel & SPA ****

4 Stars Hotel in the heart of Padova. Padova is a city rich in culture and charm. Elegant and understated, it encloses, within its sixteenth-century...

Meth Spa by Methis Hotel, is the new and exclusive relaxation area, in the heart of the city. Treat yourself to a break from everyday stress and retreat in the relaxing atmosphere of Meth Spa.



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